The Ugly Truth about Ugly Christmas Sweaters

The Ugly Truth

Growing up in the 80's/90's I always made fun of my mom (a kindergarten teacher) for all of the silly Christmas sweaters that she had and wore to school and to events. She always told me, "You are going to need one of these one day!" let's just say I didn't believe her. Well fast forward 20 years and I got invited to a party and could not find a sweater anywhere so I swallowed my pride and called her to ask her to send me one out of her collection. Of course, she was out of town so I could not go to the party. Needless to say a light went on and I knew others were having the same problem so I started a business to help people find Christmas Sweaters. Over the past 7 years I have grown the collection and with the help with some friends and now we have


We do the shopping for you!

Our sweaters are unique and hand-selected with an expert eye for Ugly. We know that the more beads, bells, and bling, the more likely you are to be the talk of the party or the winner of the contest. And that's our goal.


Each and every one of our sweaters has been handwashed from the heart and restored to prime Ugliness. Our sweater elves do the hard work for you: removing pills, lint, snags and bad juju, so that your Ugly will arrive contest ready. Guar-an-teed.


Happy shopping and remember...

"Keep it Ugly!"


Mike Golomb-Owner

Born and raised in Chicago and moved to Saint Louis has amassed over 30,000 Ugly Sweaters. He is always looking for the next great thing to add to the site like the new selection of Oppo Suits (opposite of regular suits). His passion for bringing life to parties and bringing smiles to people will keep the selection growing. The site is not just for Christmas Sweaters as we have a constantly growing and changing selection of sweaters and other items so keep checking back throughout the year. He is always looking for partnerships and sponsorship opportunities as well as we sell wholesale sweaters too!


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